Spell Points By Character Class And Level

Spell Points Per Day

Level Bard Cleric, Druid, Wizard Duskblade Ranger Sorcerer
1st 5 5 5 0 8
2nd 6 7 6 0 11
3rd 7 10 7 0 17
4th 10 14 10 4 22
5th 14 19 14 4 32
6th 17 25 17 5 40

Bonus Spell Points and Bonus Spells (by Maximum Spell Level)

Score 0 1st 2nd 3rd
12-13 1 1 1
14-15 1 4 4
16-17 1 4 9
18-19 1 4 9
20-21 2 5 10
22-23 2 8 13
24-25 2 8 18

To determine the number of bonus spell points gained from a high ability score, first find the row for the character’s ability score on Table: Bonus Spell Points. Use whichever ability score would normally award bonus spells for the character’s class (Wisdom for clerics and druids, Intelligence for wizards, and so forth).

Next, find the column for the highest level of spell the character is capable of casting based on his class level (even if he doesn’t have a high enough ability score to cast spells of that level). At the point where the row and column intersect, you find the bonus spell points the character gains. This value can change each time his ability score undergoes a permanent change (such from an ability score increase due to character level or one from a wish spell) and each time his level changes.

Any spellcaster who would normally receive bonus spells for a high ability score receives bonus spell points instead. In effect, the character can simply cast more of his spells each day.

By contrast, bonus spells received from a class feature (such as from wizard specialization or access to a domain) can instead prepare extra spells of the appropriate levels, domains, and/or schools. The character doesn’t get any extra spell points (and thus can’t cast any more spells than normal), but the added flexibility of being able to use the bonus spell more than once per day makes up for that.

For instance, a specialist wizard can prepare one extra spell from the chosen school of each spell level that he can cast. A cleric can prepare one domain spell (chosen from among his domain spells available) of each spell level that he can cast.

Spell Points By Character Class And Level

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