New and Variant Magical and Alchemical Items

Magic Tattoos

Quite prevalent of late in the Mirrored Lands, magic tattoos are offered by many purveyors of such services as convenient, concealable and accessible magic for those in need. Magic tattoos function exactly as potions, except that they must be touched to be activated and they take up a body slot congruent with the area they occupy on the subject’s body. Tentatively, multiple tattoos can be tied to a single body slot so long as they’re thematically linked.


A bloodspike is a thin tube of alchemically-treated glass containing an alchemical substance; they are pressurized in such a way that when jabbed into the body of the user (dealing a negligible amount of damage), the pressurized contents enter the user’s bloodstream, taking effect immediately. Traditionally, alchemists and others use this delivery method for otherwise unpalatable alchemical substances and those which require immediate absorption into the subject’s bloodstream in order to function.

Potion Tiles

Designed to be longer-lasting and more easily manageable than the traditional potion vials, potion tiles are small ceramic tiles about an inch square. They are activated by being crushed or broken, and most are created with a shallow notch or groove along the middle to facilitate this undertaking. In all other ways, they function exactly as potions. They tend to be more prevalent in regions where ceramics are common, such as the Harrowhame and Nobilis.

Elemental Binding

Much in vogue amongst the powerful spellcasters of Lucerne of late is the practice of elemental binding—finding or otherwise acquiring an elemental spirit and binding it or a part of its essence to a creature or object. Bound elementals can greatly enhance the mystical or martial prowess of their recipients (though at a cost), and there are rumors that the airships that decorate the airspace over the great city-state of late have elemental spirits bound to their hulls.

New and Variant Magical and Alchemical Items

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