• 32-point buy; see chart at the end of this section for rules on creating characters with level adjustment.
  • Max hit points at 1st level, roll or take half thereafter.
  • Use the average starting gold on p.111 of the PHB; monks get 100gp, while duskblades and spellbreakers 150gp (as the fighter).
  • No favored classes; multiclass away.


  • All characters are treated as though they have the Able Learner feat; thus, all ranks cost only one point to buy, regardless of whether they are class or cross-class skills.
  • Additionally, at 1st level, characters may change some of their class skills. They may opt to select a number of class skills equal to one-half of their normal skill points plus INT and other modifiers and swap those with cross-class skills on a one-for-one basis. E.g., a human fighter with an INT of 12 could swap three of his fighter class skills (4 skill points from fighter + 1 from INT + 1 from being human, divided by two) for skills that are normally cross-class for a fighter. This allows for a bit of flexibility when creating a character’s skill-sets while retaining the general theme of the existing skill-sets.
  • Knowledge (religion) has been subsumed and replaced by Knowledge (philosophy).
  • Skills have been modified to the following, with some skills folded into others:
    * Acrobatics (Balance, Tumble)
    • Appraise
    • Athletics (Climb, Jump)
    • Bluff
    • Concentration
    • Craft
    • Decipher Script
    • Diplomacy
    • Disable Device (Open Lock)
    • Disguise
    • Escape Artist
    • Forgery
    • Gather Information
    • Handle Animal
    • Heal
    • Intimidate
  • Knowledge
  • Perception (Listen, Search, Spot)
  • Perform
  • Profession
  • Ride
  • Sense Motive
  • Sleight Of Hand
  • Speak Language
  • Spellcraft
  • Stealth (Hide, Move Silently)
  • Survival
  • Swim
  • Use Magic Device
  • Use Rope


  • Cleave now improves to Great Cleave once your BAB reaches +4 or higher.
  • Dodge now grants a flat dodge bonus of +1 to AC against all opponents.
  • Improved Unarmed Strike now scales with level, as per Superior Unarmed Strike (cf. Tome of Battle p.33)
  • Improved Unarmed Strike may be substituted for Combat Expertise when qualifying for Improved Disarm, Improved Feint or Improved Trip.
  • Toughness grants +3hp at 1st level, and an additional +1hp at each level thereafter.
  • Weapon Finesse no longer requires a base attack bonus of +1, but it does require Dex 13; additionally, you may add one-half of your Dex modifier (rounded down) as bonus damage instead of adding your Str bonus.


  • We’re going to be using the Spell Points variant system from Unearthed Arcana, which will significantly change the way spellcasters do their thing.
  • Spells will have a hard cost: 1 point for 1st-level spells, 3 points for 2nd-level spells and 5 points for 3rd-level spells. Spells will otherwise be cast at their normal caster levels, as per usual.
  • In conjunction with Spell Points, we’re going to use the vitalizing variant: once full spellcasters drop to half of their total spell-points, they’re fatigued; once they reach one-quarter, they’re exhausted. Secondary spellcasters such as bards and duskblades, being less heavily invested in their thaumaturgic pursuits, become fatigued when they hit one-quarter of their total spell-points, and exhausted when their spell points are completely spent.
  • Casters who prepare their spells will now be able to swap out their prepared spells. By spending a full-round action in combat *per level of the spell they wish to obtain (during which time they are distracted and considered to be flatfooted), prepared casters may change their spells known. The caster must have his thaumaturgical focus in hand in order to do so (e.g. a wizard’s spellbook or a cleric’s holy symbol).
  • All wizards, trained largely in wizarding academies, receive the Collegiate Wizard feat for free at 1st level.
  • Alter self now requires the caster to have, at some point, physically touched the type of creature into which he wishes to change.
  • Animate dead drops from sorcerer/wizard 4th to sorcerer/wizard 3rd.
  • Cure minor wounds and inflict minor wounds have been replaced with stabilize and bleed, with no appreciable change in function save that they only work when the target is at or below 0hp.
  • Deathwatch is no longer an [Evil] spell.
  • Magic vestment and greater magic weapon now provide a +1 bonus for every three levels you’ve attained, rather than every four. Additionally, greater magic weapon drops from cleric 4th to cleric 3rd, and magic vestment is added to the sorcerer/wizard 3rd list.
  • Ye gods, no shivering touch.
  • Spell immunity drops from cleric 4th to cleric 3rd, but obviously only provides immunity to 3rd-level and lower spells.


  • We’re going to try tracking encumbrance; refer to the tables on p.162 of the PHB.
  • Spell resistance may be voluntarily failed.
  • Any exotic weapon named after a race (e.g. elven lightblade, dwarven war-axe, etc.) may be treated as a martial weapon by members of that race.
  • For mages: The Awakening
  • We’re also going to try implementing FYIA Tokens.


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